Campus Success Centers Extend Final Exam Tutoring


Courtesy of Pixabay

In addition to extended tutoring hours, the Student Success Center on the South Campus is offering free coffee and snacks beginning Dec. 5 until Dec. 13.

As students buckle down to study for final exams, San Jacinto College’s three academic campuses are gearing up to help them prepare for the last stretch of the semester. On the North Campus, nervous students are treated to cups of hot cocoa as part of a series of events called Finals Frenzy, while the Central Campus brings in therapy dogs to soothe collegians riddled with test anxiety.

Meanwhile, on the South Campus, the Student Success Center is hosting Blast-Off into Finals from Dec. 5 through Dec. 13 offering extended tutoring hours along with free snacks and coffee meant to minimize study time disruptions.

Diana Shokralla, the director of the South Campus Student Success Center, said Blast-Off into Finals aims to widen students’ access to tutoring in preparation for final exams. Similar efforts are taking place at all three Centers across the College.

“The idea behind it,” Shokralla said, “is to have students stay in the Student Success Center all day and study for their finals without having to leave to get snacks or coffee.”

Richard McKay, director of the South Campus library, works closely with Shokralla and said Blast-Off into Finals also serves as a type of support mechanism.

“It gives students a place to study,” McKay said, “as well as a place to meet other students for encouragement and for information sharing.”

Further information on tutoring services offered by the Student Success Centers on San Jacinto College campuses is available at