UHCL Days Offer Transfer Assistance


Courtesy of Erica Chance

(From left) UHCL representatives Jillian Perez, Brandon Byrd, and Courtney Byers met with San Jac Students Nov. 6 on the Central Campus to help them seamlessly transfer to the local university.

San Jacinto College students interested in attending the University of Houston Clear Lake (UHCL) were given an opportunity to find out more about the school during UHCL Days on Nov. 6 when University representatives visited Central Campus to put attendees in direct contact with professionals ready to expedite their academic transfer.

UHCL Days take place on each of the three academic campuses during the fall and spring semesters and aims to facilitate seamless transfers between San Jac and the four-year institution.

Associate Director of Admissions at UHCL Brandon Byrd said he and other staffers try to offer a “personal touch” during the events to make their school stand out to interested students.

“To have a student walk away and say, ‘Hey, I know what it takes to get enrolled at the University, I met with someone on staff’ is the view of a successful UHCL day,” Byrd said.

The setting offered multiple opportunities to speak with advisors regarding financial aid, course catalogs, international student advising, and admissions.

“With UHCL Days,” Byrd said, “we are giving students a heads up in regard to what it’s going to take to get enrolled into the university.

Moreover, admissions acceptance was performed on the spot as long as students provided their academic transcripts.

San Jac Sophomore Edwin Gomez said he left the event better prepared to pursue the next step of his academic career.

“I went in not knowing if they had my major or anything that I would consider,” Gomez said, “and left with another option; maybe even pursuing a bachelors (degree) in fitness and human performance.”

Further information about UHCL Days campus visits is available at http://www.uhcl.edu/uhcldays.