Chapa’s tips for buying Blu-ray movies

When a movie leaves theaters and ends up on store shelves, consumers may prefer to buy the high definition version released on Blu-ray.

Most movie watchers, like myself, prefer to buy them at a good price. So, I have a few helpful tips about how to purchase these movies at a lower cost.

Blu-ray movies can be expensive, but if you read the weekly ads from Target, Best Buy, and other retailers, you will see offers for movie titles to be released in the store that week.

If there is a movie I like and want to buy on Blu-ray, I look at the Target and Best Buy weekly ads; since those are two of my favorite stores. I compare the prices between both retailers to see which has the better offer. Most of the time, Target has better prices for new releases.

What if you can’t buy the movie during the first week of release? I have a solution for that! Generally, a store will sell a new release at a lower price several weeks, or a couple of months later. Remember, movie prices decrease over time. So, if you have the patience to wait a few months, then go for it. If not, buy it during the first week of release.

Another option for buying Blu-ray movies is On Amazon, you may be able to find a seller offering the movie you want for a lower price than retail stores. Also, if you don’t mind purchasing used movies, they cost less than new ones.

So there you have it. Whether buying from traditional stores like Best Buy and Target, or turning to online retailers like, knowing when and where to purchase Blu-ray movies can save a little money.