Field Trip to Redesigned Exhibition Hall Promises to Take ‘Breath Away’


Courtesy of the Houston Museum of Natural Science

‘Energy City,’ one of the many new features at Wiess Energy Hall, is a ‘white model’ that uses cutting-edge projection mapping technology to bring the city of Houston to life.

The San Jacinto College community has the opportunity to visit the newly-renovated Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) on Oct. 21 at a deeply discounted price through Earth Science Week Field Trip sponsored by the Houston Geological Society (HGS) and HMNS.

The field trip is one of many events organized by HGS taking place in October as part of Earth Science Week.

Central Campus Geology Professor Sharon Choens is the Earth Science Week Chair for HGS. “(It is) something that really just takes your breath away,” she said of the renovated exhibition space.

According to the HMNS website, Wiess Energy Hall is, “the most contemporary, comprehensive and technologically advanced exhibition on the science and technology of energy anywhere in the world.”

The redesigned center was expanded from 8,500 feet to 30,000 feet, making way for a plethora of new exhibits and activities along with existing “classic” features. A new addition is Energy City, a vast 3-D landscape that uses 32 projectors and 168 fiber optic sensors to showcase eight different energy systems and bring the city of Houston to life. Other attractions include a large replica of a tricone rotary drill bit spinning overhead, and the Geovator, a motion platform ride that simulates the descent into deep geological exploration.

Field trip participants pay $3.50, instead of the regular $15 student rate for access that includes Wiess Energy Hall, as well as the rest of the museum’s offerings.

“They learn so much about energy and even get to do hands-on stuff,” Choens said. “It’s really worth it, and they will have a great deal of fun if they come out.”

Earth Science Field Trip takes place Sunday, Oct. 21 from noon until 3 p.m. at the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science located at 555 Herman Park Dr., Houston. Ticket prices are $3.50 for students and faculty with a valid school I.D. Further information is available at by clicking on the event date.


Eric Ferrufino contributed to this report.