New North Game Room Debuts Super Smash Bros. Tournament


Courtesy of Pixabay

Participants will play the popular Nintendo game using the Wii U system. Registration is open until Oct. 8.

The office of Student Engagement and Activities (SEA) on San Jacinto College North Campus is hosting its first-ever Super Smash Bros. video game tournament on Oct. 9 in a newly renovated student game room.    

SEA Activities Specialist Jennifer Cerda said Super Smash Bros. emerged as a favorite in a poll she conducted during an open house event held in the game room last month. Although other titles like NBA2K19 and NFL Madden 19 were mentioned in the poll, Cerda said she knew the popular Nintendo game would be an instant hit and a perfect way for students to interact with one another and venture outside of their “bubble of friends.”

“I really want them to get a chance to get the full student college experience,” Cerda said.

Meanwhile, Cerda noted, the tournament rules are different from those of the standard video game. In a regular game of Super Smash Bros., the fight rounds have two-minute time limits, players have multiple lives, or stocks, and a variety of in-game items like power-ups, health items, and weapons randomly appear. On the other hand, SEA’s tournament calls for eight-minute fight rounds, players are limited to three lives, and gameplay will not include any in-game items.

Participants are playing on the Wii U gaming system, and SEA is providing the equipment, but players are free to bring their own controllers. The winner receives San Jac promotional items and will hold the title of the first Super Smash Bros. tournament champion.

Mostly, Cerda said, she wants the event to be less about competition and more about students taking an opportunity to relax and de-stress while at the College.

“Even if you’re not the best at Smash Bros., the whole thing is kind of just trying it out and just having fun …,” she said. “At the end of the day, the game room is here just to have fun.”

The Super Smash Bros. tournament will take place between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 9 in Room 101 of the Student Center (N12) on the North Campus. Students can register until Oct. 8.