Two Cosmetology Facilities Get Total Makeovers


Courtesy of Pixabay

Aspiring stylists and aestheticians on the North and South Campuses will learn their craft in state-of-the-art buildings when the new construction projects are completed next year.

Although intended to teach students how to give future clients a fresh face, the cosmetology facilities on two San Jacinto College campuses are receiving a full makeover of their own.

The construction projects on the North and South Campuses are part of a $425 million bond package, approved by voters in 2015, that promised to bring new buildings as well as improvements to existing facilities across the District.

Work began on the nearly 40,000 square-foot building on the South Campus Sept. 7, while its sister facility on the North Campus broke ground on Sept. 21. North Campus’s new structure is 57,000 square feet and will also house the Culinary Arts department.

Tina Sanchez, a cosmetology professor on the North Campus, said the new building will deliver many needed upgrades and a much-needed uplift to the program and its faculty.

“Our buildings are so outdated that we feel that it will completely enhance our department, our morale, (and) our ability to present ourselves to the public,” she said.

The cosmetology programs on both campuses run full-service salons that book outside clients while giving hands-on training and experience to aspiring beauticians. Sanchez said she believes that given the current state of the facilities, the general public “does not know that we are on campus to serve them.”

Concerning the North Campus, she added, the new structure will be much closer and visible to the main road, where the public will be able to recognize the building as a functioning salon.

The modern makeovers for the cosmetology facilities are scheduled for completion by the spring of 2020 giving both programs a new start to the next decade with a fresh young face to match.