Campus Rec Brings In Therapy Dogs


Courtesy of Mary Shelley

Rec Sports Director Butch Sutton (standing) holds his certified therapy dog, Mia, while posing with fellow Paws 4 Grace members and their service animals during a visit to Central Campus on Dec. 3, 2017.

The Recreational (Rec) Sports Department on San Jacinto College Central Campus will once again host Paws 4 Grace as part of Pet a Puppy, an event taking place May 1 where participants can pet, hold, and take pictures with visiting service animals.

Pet a Puppy provides certified therapy dogs, through the Paws 4 Grace organization, to help students and employees de-stress ahead of final exams and other end-of-semester activities.

Paws 4 Grace is based out of Gateway Community Church in Webster and offers free animal-assisted therapy services. Butch Sutton, the Director of Rec Sports, is part of the organization where he volunteers his dog Mia as a service animal.

Rec Sports Administrative Assistant Mary Shelley said she wants the San Jac community to enjoy this unique method of decompressing from college stressors.

“This event allows students to forget their academic worries and clear their minds for a few minutes,” Shelley said.

Meanwhile, she noted, any visitors who have certified therapy dogs of their own are welcome to bring their service animal and take part in the event.

“It’s something different and fun,” she said. “It is a great stress reliever, as well as a fun time.”

Pet a Puppy takes place between 9 a.m. and noon on May 1 in the atrium of the Lee Davis Library (C21) on the Central Campus.