Workshop Offers Leadership Training Through Self-Discovery


Courtesy of Pixabay

Personal Values offers interactive activities that enhance students’ leadership abilities by assessing their personal qualities.

The office of Student Engagement and Activities (SEA) on the South Campus invites San Jacinto College students to take part in a workshop on April 12 titled Personal Values, where participants will engage in self-discovery while learning to become better leaders.

One in a series of related presentations, Personal Values offers interactive activities that enhance students’ leadership abilities by assessing their personal qualities.

South Campus SEA Specialist Samantha De La Rosa said the workshop evolved in response to requests from attendees of another event.

“Students enjoyed the Emerging Leadership Conference, but showed a want for more leadership opportunities throughout the semester,” she said.

Primarily, De La Rosa noted, the Personal Values workshop encourages students through a process of self-understanding where they identify the fundamental factors that guide their choices.

“When students discover their top personal values, it allows them to learn more about the things that fuel their actions, decision making, and attitudes,” she said. “By learning more about themselves, they can become better leaders for themselves and for the community.”

Additionally, South Campus SEA Coordinator, Daniel Byars, said the workshop explores the human side of leadership and “all the emotional competencies, ethics and decision-making abilities that comes along with that.”

Byars said the activities not only help students excel in an academic setting, they also translate to effectiveness in the workplace.

“A lot of the things that we teach in the workshops are things that can benefit them as leaders here on campus while they are here,” he said, “but they can also take to employers when they graduate, and so I think there is great benefit.”

However, De La Rosa noted, as is often the case with self-discovery seminars, sometimes the findings surprise participants.

“Some students were shocked at the results of their top personal values,” she said but added, “it allowed them to better understand themselves.”

Likewise, Byars suggested attendees will be satisfied by their experience at the workshop but jokingly hesitated to give specifics.

“We don’t want to give away too much,” he chuckled. “We wanna build some hype.”

Personal Values will take place at 2 p.m. on April 12 in Room 101 of the Interactive Learning Center (S12) on the South Campus. Registration instructions can be found at