Central Expo Spotlights All Musical Groups


Courtesy of Central Campus Music Department

The concert featuring all Central Campus ensembles, like the performance shown here from 2012, will include the steel band, the wind, jazz, string, and guitar ensembles, as well as the choirs.

The music department of San Jacinto College Central Campus will host Expo Featuring All SJCC Ensembles on March 28 to showcase the department’s student performance groups. The show will include the steel band, the wind, jazz, string, and guitar ensembles, as well as performances from the choir groups.

Music Professor Mike Mizma said one of the objectives behind the event is to raise community awareness that San Jac has “a viable, vibrant, energetic music department committed to the highest quality musical achievement.”

Likewise, music department Chair Eric Late said he sees the performance as an opportunity to expand the music programs’ exposure.

“The Expo concert is a chance for the music community to see what we have to offer,” Late said. “It is a chance for people to hear all of the ensembles in the band.”

However, Mizma noted that staging live performances is a challenging undertaking mostly stemming from ensemble members attending rehearsals without adequate preparation. But, he counters that tendency by rallying the cause that, according to him, “mediocrity sucks!” 

“The world has enough mediocrity already,” he told performers earlier in the day. “Don’t be that person that adds more mediocrity to the planet! Strive for excellence, always!”

The Expo Featuring all SJCC ensembles takes place at 7 p.m. on March 28 in Corbin Hall of the Monte Blue Music Building (C5). There is no charge for admission.