Coyotes Face Laredo in Semifinals


Courtesy of San Jacinto College Marketing, Public Relations and Government Affairs Department

The San Jacinto College Men’s Soccer team is: (front row, from left) Athletic Trainer Carie Mueller, Juan Martinez, Ziggy Nunez, Jose Duarte, Carlos Blasco, Francois Haba, Oscar Hernandez, Jourdaine Fletcher, Julius Williams, Reda Chokaf, Volunteer Assistant Coach Jesse Suarez-Castro. (Second row, from left) Head Coach Ian Spooner, Carlos Valdez, Chris Loza, Ivan Cruz, Diego Vazquez, Heiko Leinwebeer, Luis Bencomo, Ivan Rosales, Carlos Ibarra, Savio Adams, Assistant Coach Pablo Reyes. (Third row, from left) Luis Rodriguez, Bryan Cortes, Ryan Medilah, Yousri Benothame, Omar Pacheco, Oscar Aragon, Philip Pilz, Matthew Porteus, Brandon Salazar, Reyes Vargas, Bryan Tello.

The San Jacinto College Men’s Soccer team is heading to the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) District XIV semifinals after beating Angelina College 5-1 on Oct. 20. The Coyotes are going into the tournament with only three losses this season and a 13-3 overall record, 11-3 in conference. 

This season is both exciting and heartbreaking for this club. The soccer team is one of the four athletic programs the College will phase out at the end of this academic year making this the Coyote’s last chance for a national title.

Player Jourdaine Fletcher is emotional about the program coming to an end. “I am going to miss the players and coaches,” he said.

Likewise, Midfielder Ryan Medilah said he and his teammates are counting on college-wide support as they close out the program’s final season.

“These games are very important,” Medilah said, “so I hope all the San Jac community will be there to support the team.” 

The program may be ending, but that is not stopping the team from working hard to reach their goals. When it comes down to preparing for a big game, Assistant Coach Pablo Reyes said they start the week off with a recovery session.

“Towards the middle of the week we pick up the intensity and begin to introduce strengths and weaknesses,” he said. “Finally, towards the end of the week, it is more tactical and less intense.” 

However, Reyes noted intense training is not reserved solely for major tournaments. With the last shot at a national title looming on the horizon, the team has prepared for the championship since August.

“Obviously our goal is to have a successful postseason,” he said, “and we plan for that by having a successful regular season.” 

The Coyotes play Laredo Community College in the Semifinals of the Region XIV NJCAA tournament on Oct. 28.