Accomplished Music Producer Hosts Industry Workshop


Staff/Chicago Tribune/TNS

Doug Romanow has worked with popular musicians like Justin Bieber and Tyga. He will present Behind the Glass, an Inside Look at Record Production on Oct. 27.

Accomplished music engineer, record producer, and songwriter Doug Romanow will lead a workshop today on San Jacinto College Central Campus to explain the ins and outs of the audio engineering industry.

Producing since 1988, Romanow works in Toronto, Canada, and has collaborated with successful artists like Justin Bieber and Tyga. Audio Engineering faculty members Lester Williams and James Metcalf are responsible for bringing Romanow to the College.

Music Department Chair Eric Late said the workshop, entitled Behind the Glass, an Inside Look at Record Production, will include a brief history and description of notable record producers, as well as a segment highlighting the song production process from start to finish using guests as artists. Late said the experience is meant to “show the relationship between the musician and the producer.”

The workshop is open to students of the Audio Engineering department, as well as any students interested in learning more about music and production. Romanow will be available to answer questions at the end of the workshop. Additionally, prospective students can view the program’s facility first-hand and learn about former students that have found success in the industry.

“One previous student,” Williams added, “is head of audio at the Toyota Center.”

Behind the Glass, an Inside Look at Record Production takes place today, Oct. 27 in Room 12 of the Ball Technical Building (C16) on the Central Campus.