Campus Rec Looks to Revive Dodgeball


Courtesy of Mary Shelley

Student worker Jonathan Ortiz enjoys a fun game of Dodgeball in 2013. The activity was canceled the last few semesters due to low participation, but will be open for registration once again on Oct. 24.

Dodge. Duck. Dip. Dive. Dodge. The sight and sound of those iconic red rubber balls should conjure up memories of childhood play, but instead of joining a nostalgic game of dodgeball, the students of San Jacinto College Central Campus are dodging the registration table in record numbers.

Recreational (Rec) Sports on the Central Campus offers dodgeball as part of its program, but for the last few semesters, the activity was canceled due to low participation. According to Rec Sports Director and Physical Education Instructor, Butch Sutton, the downward trend is odd since dodgeball is widely viewed as a game reminiscent of childhood that can “take you back to grade school.”

Senior Administrative Assistant Mary Shelley attributed the decline to a complicated signup process and said the group would try to resuscitate dodgeball once again on Oct. 24 by offering easier online registration through the College’s website.

“So if it makes it easier for students then, that’s what we’re all about,” Shelley said.

Meanwhile, the program is looking to diversify its lineup of activities to match student interests. Recently, the group expanded its offerings by teaming up with the Maritime Center and the biology department to include an outdoor program featuring fishing trips. In the future, Shelley pointed out, they might even venture into fitness programs.

“That’s one of the next things we want to bridge over to,” she said. “Fitness classes.”

Further information is available at or (281) 478-2796.