New Center Aims for Seamless Student Transfers


Courtesy of Sara Aguilar

In addition to welcoming advisors from the University of Houston-Clear Lake on Oct. 26, the University Center regularly hosts representatives from other top transfer schools to speak with interested students.

The University Center at San Jacinto College Central Campus is a new one-stop shop for students seeking assistance in transferring to a four-year university. The newly-opened center prepares customized degree plans for receiving institutions developed in coordination with advisors from the transfer schools.   

Pam Campbell, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success Partnerships, supervises the center that opened its doors in May. She said their goal is to help students avoid common pitfalls that result in wasted time and money.

“Our intent is getting kids on a pathway, so they do not take excess hours,” Campbell said.

According to Senior Administrative Assistant Julie Blacksmith, the University Center accomplishes its mission by identifying the ten colleges San Jac students transfer to most. In turn, the staff gathers information and provides knowledgeable direction that facilitates the seamless, efficient transfer to those schools.

“The center helps establish plans to match a university,” Campbell added.

Furthermore, the group regularly hosts advisors from four-year institutions providing direct contact between students and potential transfer universities. On Oct. 26, advisors from the University of Houston-Clear Lake will come to Central Campus to speak to interested students. However, Blacksmith noted, the center’s goal is to have advisors on campus five days a week.

In the future, Campbell would like to expand the center’s mission to include high school students and help them create a pathway toward their associate degrees. But in the meantime, Blacksmith said, the center is there for students “to plan their transfer to the university level.”

The University Center is located in Room 129 of the Interactive Learning Center (C1) on the Central Campus. The center will host an Open House from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 31.