North Campus Presents 19th Psych Expo


Cody Cochran/San Jacinto Times

Research projects from over 300 students enrolled in psychology classes lined the floor of the Monument Room on April 20.

Spring 2017 Psychology Expo took place in the Monument Room of San Jacinto College North Campus April 20 showcasing the research projects of more than 300 students enrolled in psychology classes. This was the nineteenth Expo organized by psychology faculty on the North Campus.

Psychology professor Lilian Romero said the research presentations aim to educate a public that is often uninformed or misinformed about mental health issues.  

“Many people may know a lot of psychobabble,” she said, “but this event gives different information some people may not know.”

Moreover, fellow psychology professor Rachael Chapa also stressed the benefits to participating students.

“We want students to gain a deeper understanding of a psychological topic of their choosing, as well as an appreciation for the research and study of that topic by various scientists and theorists,” she said.

Furthermore, Chapa added, the Expo serves a larger purpose by spotlighting topics of vital social significance.

“We also want to promote the importance of the field of Psychology in our community and educate others on important human issues,” Chapa said.

During the event, students and guests walked around and viewed the displayed projects. Many students were there with their classes working on assignments, while others strolled through just to see the work submitted.  

San Jac student Lauren Garcia said she feels she expanded her knowledge by visiting the Expo.

“I already knew some information when it came to the broader topics of psychology,” she said, “but to see many smaller topics with all this information was really interesting.”

The event has grown steadily over the years, Chapa noted, with student participation ready to outpace the available space. However, even though the Expo is enjoying continued success, one challenge Chapa mentioned is gathering more attendees from the larger community.

“Since this is one of our goals for the event, this is very important to us,” she said. “We could always welcome more people who are not attending the college. However, getting the word out to them is a challenge.”