Get Lit! Spotlights Monsters, Madness


Joshua Foyil/San Jacinto Times

Kristen Pyeatt takes a turn at The Pit and the Pendulum booth while attending the literary arts festival hosted April 19 on the Central Campus.

Focused on his target, Brian gallantly faced the walking corpse in front of him. He raised his weapon and took a slight pause before taking the fatal shot.

Although it may sound like it, zombies did not invade the Student Center on April 19. Brian was participating in one of the many interactive booths at San Jacinto College Central Campus’s annual Get Lit! festival. This year’s theme was Monsters and Madness, and in the spirit of the event, Brian was attempting to hit a blown up picture of a zombie. Participants had the chance to win limited copies of the book “Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament.”

Get Lit! is a yearly campus event intended to encourage students to read and take literature courses by showcasing the literary arts. Visitors came to see entertainment, frighteningly good food, and a wide range of educational activities.

Brie Morales, a humanities student and festival participant enthusiastically said, “Get Lit! Monsters and Madness deserves a thumbs up!”

It certainly appeared that way as students gathered to have their faces painted and pictures taken in costume. Meanwhile, other visitors dared to enter the Edgar Allen Poe booth titled The Pit and the Pendulum to lie on a wooden bed under a swinging blade at their own risk.

In addition to entertainment, the yearly event provides an environment where students and faculty collaborate creatively. Moreover, Morales noted, she loved working with her professor and fellow students in a joint effort to make the best attraction possible.

Every year, the event offers a different literary theme. Last year’s festival featured Royalty and Rulers, but this year’s Monsters and Madness premise intrigued more than classic literature lovers. Student Demi Moores said this was her first time attending Get Lit!

“I didn’t come last year but horror is my favorite genre, so I had to come check it out,” she said.

Moores said she enjoyed seeing other students’ creative ideas for making the activities interactive and fun, yet still educational.

“I’ve learned that I wouldn’t survive the purge, but it’s cool to see how literature has impacted my favorite genre and all the interesting figures that have influenced our culture today,” she said.

Now that the fun is over, it leaves San Jac students anticipating the next event. “I can’t wait to see what next year’s theme is,” Moores said. “I’ll, for sure, be stopping by.”