Earth Day Fest to Feature Saltwater Life, Monkey Displays


Roberto Gonzalez/Orlando Sentinel/MCT

Capuchin monkeys, courtesy of Mrs. Monkeys Emporium, will be part of a wide range of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness April 20 on the South Campus.

San Jacinto College South Campus is hosting an Earth Day festival on April 20 as part of the larger global tribute supporting environmental protection taking place April 22.

Katlynn Colquitt, a senior administrative assistant for biology and one of the event coordinators, said visitors will be treated to a number of activities ranging from a salt water touch tank featuring crabs, sea urchins, and other saltwater life to a display of capuchin monkeys courtesy of Mrs. Monkeys Emporium of League City.

The natural science department on the South campus started the College’s Earth Day tribute to raise environmental awareness within the San Jac community. Colquitt, along with Dr. Mary Wisgirda and Cheryl McPherson, as well as other faculty and staff bring the event together.

Colquitt said South Campus’s Earth Day started about 10 to 12 years ago with two tables, cake, coffee, and talk about environment issues. Since then, it has grown to include demonstrations and exhibits that teach visitors about recycling, composting, reusing plastic bottles, and live waste bio-recycling.

Also, other departments outside of the natural sciences contribute their expertise to Earth Day activities. The engineering department showcases types of sustainable housing while the Coyote Science Club puts on their popular plant sale. 

“The plant sale is a high gross seller for the Coyote Science Club,” Colquitt said.

The goal for Earth Day, she added, is to help make students aware of how their individual actions can impact the environment. In the future, Colquitt said she hopes to expand to the other campuses and possibly as a weeklong event.

Earth Day will take place from 9 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. on April 20 in Room 135 of the Science/Allied Health building (S1) on the South Campus.