Kister’s Connection: Studious Night Owls Find Overnight Oasis at NOKturne


Courtesy of Daniel Quezada

The health food store and juice bar offers a variety of wholesome foods and beverages while catering to a late-night crowd.

With the impending doom of final exams right around the corner, it’s a safe bet many of us will pull a few all-nighters studying while snacking on junk, sipping an endless supply of stale coffee, and chugging sugary energy drinks. But, what if there was a place that not only reflected the nocturnal lifestyle we all adopt but also served healthy foods to help with brain function?

Down the road from San Jac, in Clear Lake and the surrounding areas, exists a vast array of food options, but most restaurants with study areas and free Wi-Fi close early.

In contrast, NOKTurne is a health eatery and juice bar that perfectly caters to the needs of college students. From poetry nights to free Wi-Fi to late hours, this hidden gem creates an oasis for college students to study hard or relax after a long day.

As the name implies, NOKturne is open later than most juice bars, from 5 p.m. until 3 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on weekends. Its interior is set up so customers can choose seating either in the dining area, or in the adjacent room furnished with bean bags situated around a performance stage.

Owner Daniel Quezada says he wanted to create an environment that was “conceptually designed to promote a green and healthy living for the overnight community.”

NOKturne is family owned and operated since opening its doors in 2013 and is known for its family-like hospitality, as well as its “mellow” and “calming” atmosphere, employee Brianna Williams says.

In fact, Quezada says he came up with the idea when his father worked the graveyard shift and could not find something quick and healthy to eat on his way home from work. Motivated, Quezada created an environment of wholesome options for people who work or get out of class later than traditional working hours.

The menu offers vegetarian and vegan options as well as an international menu featuring mostly plant-based fare. Entrees are priced below $20.

“We strive to prepare everything in-house and use all local grown products,” Quezada says.

In addition, NOKturne hosts a variety of events including poetry nights, open mic, and health awareness workshops that allow customers of all ages to showcase their talents while socializing with one another.

“We are open to any events,” Quezada says, “that engages the community without a lucrative goal.”

Lastly, as final exams loom closer, studious night owls craving more than the usual stale coffee and Hot Cheetos have a place to nest with NOKturne close by.

NOKturne is located at 17062 Saturn Lane, Houston, TX 77058. Further information is available at