Campus Rec Set to Canoe Down Armand Bayou


Courtesy of Mary Shelley

San Jac faculty and students prepare to enjoy the outdoors during the 2016 canoe excursion. This semester, the trip is scheduled for April 8.

Nature devotees and water sport enthusiasts can enjoy a cool breeze when the Rec Sports department on the Central Campus hosts its annual canoe trip April 8 down Armand Bayou Nature Center (ABNC).  

According to Mary Shelley, the assistant director of Rec Sports on the Central Campus, canoeing is an activity that encourages San Jac students and employees to engage in new activities and interact with one another.

“Rec Sports is more than sports. We want to branch out in hopes that more students will become involved,” Shelley said. “Perhaps students that have never had the opportunity to go out on a canoe, this is their chance.”

The canoe excursion began two years ago as an effort to create new student activities and in turn, promote expansion. 

“I want our rec program, here, to grow in the likes of programs at major four-year universities,” Shelley said.

The trip costs $20, cash only, and includes lunch, equipment, and the guided canoe tour. However, certain circumstances can affect the trip including inclement outdoor conditions. 

“Weather is a huge obstacle. We cannot go out in rain or lightening,” Shelley explained, noting low attendance can also pose a threat.

Then there’s the money factor. Although the cost is already at a discounted rate, Shelley recognizes that even that amount can be cost prohibitive and hopes to lower it further in the future.

“Understand, money is tight; so that could be something that holds a student back,” she said. “Next time we may try to reduce the cost once again; maybe $10.”

Meanwhile, the Rec Sports schedule is offering a new activity, a standup paddleboard yoga trip to Taylor Lake on April 10. The outing, aimed at both beginner and advanced yogis, costs $10 and includes lunch.  

“Once again,” Shelley added, “this is a new experience for our students. We hope.”

The canoe trip will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on April 8 at Armand Bayou Nature Center, 8500 Bay Area Blvd., Pasadena, Texas. More information is available at