Student Conference Sessions Highlight Soft Skills for Success

San Jacinto College South Campus hosted the Second Annual Student Conference Nov. 11 featuring an array of workshops aimed at enhancing the skills students need to find success in today’s competitive job market.

College Preparatory coordinator Emily Savino said students were given a “professional conference experience” with the option of attending 25 different sessions.

“Topics were focused on soft skills, careers, how to be a better student, communication, and wellness,” Savino said.

Robert Sandhaas, a faculty member and coordinator for the Intentional Connections program at South Campus agreed, further noting that attendees took away a “deeper understanding” of important points like “professional behavior and academic skill sets.”

Moreover, Sandhaas credits many South Campus departments for the success of the event that was partially funded through a Student Success Initiatives (SSI) grant from the San Jacinto College Foundation. 

“The conference is a result of collaboration across the College,” Sandhaas added.

Furthermore, Savino noted students were also afforded an opportunity to network with the rest of the College community, and in turn, got a sense of what their post-collegiate careers would require.

“Our faculty, administrators and staff,” Savino said, “are repeatedly told by employers that such skill sets are vital to success in today’s job market.”