Posters Pay Tribute to Heroes of Hispanic Heritage

National Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off Sept. 15 for a month-long tribute honoring the history, culture and individual contributions of people who are from, or descendant from, Spanish-speaking countries.

San Jacinto College Central Campus history students participated in the nationwide commemoration by creating posters showcasing individuals of Hispanic lineage. They chose to celebrate men and women from every background including figures from sports, science, politics, and art. Posters highlighted conquistadors from Spain, Mexican revolutionaries, and community leaders in Texas.

Danielle Bible, Professor of History and Mexican American Studies, said the purpose of the project is to give students the opportunity to understand the role of a historian while they “work through the process and practice skills inherent to the discipline.”

Moreover, Bible explained that although American society appreciates diversity and has “a willingness to recognize the importance of providing equal opportunities for all,” there are still significant deficiencies in understanding the cultural values and history of ethnic minorities in the United States.

“Sadly,” she said, “many Latino/as do not encounter public discussion of Hispanics in a positive light unless it is Hispanic Heritage month.” In turn, Bible pointed out, an assignment like the poster project provides “an opportunity to help students connect with history in a personal and empowering way.”

The posters will be on display until Nov. 11 outside of Room 210 in The West Classroom Building (C3) on the Central Campus.