Mentoring Groups Expand Fall Events

Students come to San Jacinto College facing different personal challenges, but not all have an outlet to help them navigate those difficulties. In response, Men of Honor and Women of Integrity are organizations housed on all three campuses offering students a place to find guidance from within their own college community.

Men of Honor Director Ronald Hopkins said in addition to three to five advisers on each campus, “both groups also have a team of staff, faculty, and administrators who are mentors to the students.”

“We also have bi-weekly meetings, usually both Men of Honor and Women of Integrity jointly, covering topics like study skills and time management, knowing your personality type, etc.,” he added.

Moreover, both organizations evolved and grew since their inception, and in turn, Hopkins said they are expanding their lineup of offerings to better meet member needs.

We are planning a few social events for this semester, namely, volleyball and basketball versus the staff and faculty, and perhaps a talent show,” Hopkins said. “We also plan to bring middle school boys and girls to campus for a half-day event in April or May of 2017.”

Men of Honor started in 2010 while Women of Integrity launched in 2014, and although both organizations have been established for some time, Hopkins said the groups’ biggest challenge is getting students to attend a meeting or event.

“Students tend to be hesitant to go to something new,” Hopkins said. “We are finding that word of mouth is our best recruiting tool. Students who come with their friends tend to come back.”

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