Training Sessions Take Aim at Preventing Sexual Violence


Courtesy of the Office of Student Engagement and Activities

Sergeant LeAnderay Collins (right) demonstrates how to fend off an attacker during a SHARP course offered on the South Campus.

San Jacinto College is presenting Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP), a unisex self-defense course founded on the statistic-based research of what works in a threatening situation.

Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator Daniel Byars said the College continues to offer the SHARP program, as it has for the last three years, because of the simplicity of the course.

“SHARP material is kept simple, so it is easy to learn and more importantly, is easy to retain and use,” Byars said. “Focus is placed on identifying threatening behaviors and avoiding them while providing physical skills in case avoidance fails.”

According to creator PPCT management systems, SHARP is the first subject-control system developed from a foundation of tactical, legal and medical research. At the College, each workshop is taught by certified SHARP instructors from the San Jacinto College Police Department (SJCPD) and the Student Engagement and Activities office.

SJCPD officer Eric Lister has participated in SHARP training since 2014, and in his opinion, the training is beneficial because it allows the user to feel protected.

“Everyone needs to be aware of the techniques to defending yourself because of the world we live in today,” Lister said. “You need to be able to protect yourself and know how to escape a hold properly in case you are out and someone tries to attack you.”

SHARP consists of seven major points meant to enhance the ability to learn survival techniques, increase confidence level, and assist in the successful application of physical techniques.

However, Lister noted SHARP is different from traditional self-defense classes because it incorporates avoidance measures.

“SHARP does not teach you how to fight or MMA, but how to properly get out of holds and be able to prevent being taken,” Lister said.

Meanwhile, Byars said the training is open to students and the College’s employees as part of San Jac’s efforts to provide programs that prevent sexual violence.

“The SHARP program, in particular,” Byars said, “helps provide a valuable skill set that students will be able to hold onto even after they leave San Jacinto College.”

All SHARP Training sessions will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on: Oct. 17 in Room 200 of Student Center (N12) on the North Campus; Oct. 20 in Room 152 of the Welcome Center (S6) on the South Campus; and Nov. 1 in Room 202 of the Student Center (C14) on the Central Campus. Further information is available at