Teacher Club Aims to Prep Future Educators


Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/TNS

A kindergarten class participates in a learning activity at Dorris Place Elementary School in Los Angeles. The Future Teachers Club on the South Campus offers activities to ready students for the realities of a career in education.

The Future Teachers Club (FTC) of San Jacinto College South Campus is a student organization aimed at supporting the next generation of educators as they pursue the career of their choice.

Student club leader Ben Gaul said FTC attempts to “equip students” planning on a career in education by helping them “find a community of people that are like-minded in their future pursuits as a teacher.”

As part of its purpose, Gaul said the FTC invites different speakers to address a variety of topics that provide students with a clear picture of “what that profession is going to look like.”

Moreover, fellow student and club leader Sydney Solomon said invited guests give advice and tips to help students through their collegiate studies before they embark on their professional careers. The advice, he noted, emphasizes “take your observation hours seriously, definitely try out different grades, know what subject you want to teach.”

Both Solomon and Gaul said the club encourages students to explore their options early, so they are prepared to make informed decisions as they navigate the path toward becoming a teacher or professor.

Meanwhile, Gaul said the Future Teachers Club welcomes anyone to join including students that are not pursuing education as a profession, adding “in case they are wondering what it looks like.”

The Future Teachers Club meets at 3 p.m. in Room 200B of the Academic Wing-North (S7) on the South Campus. Upcoming meetings are scheduled Oct. 26 and Nov. 16.