‘Superhero’ Workshops Slated for Three Campuses


Misty Malterud/Misty Moments Photography/TNS

Finding Your Inner Superhero is one in a series of presentations geared toward cultivating student leadership skills.

The offices of Student Engagement and Activities on all three San Jacinto College campuses are presenting a new series of workshops featuring a variety of interactive activities aimed at enhancing students’ leadership skills.

Samantha De La Rosa, Student Engagement and Activities Specialist on the Central Campus, said their upcoming presentation on Oct. 9, titled Finding Your Inner Superhero, is meant for students to learn how they can be everyday “superheroes.” North Campus will host the same presentation on Oct. 25.

“Our intention is to allow students to gain leadership skills through this workshop, to then grow as leaders and positively affect the community,” De La Rosa said.

Moreover, she said the presentation features beneficial information and reflection questions to help students think deeper about their leadership styles.

“By gaining this awareness,” De La Rosa said, “the San Jac community will gain self-aware student leaders looking to better their campus, which is a part of their day-to-day routine.”

In the meantime, South Campus will host Leadership 101 on Oct. 17, a workshop also geared toward providing students with skills necessary in a real-world professional environment.

South Campus Student Engagement and Activities Specialist Jill Johnson said the three campuses work together to keep the same thematic content, but each offers “the same topic, just different presentation.”

Finding Your Inner Superhero and Leadership 101 are part of a fall leadership workshop series that will continue through November with plans for more in the spring. The series includes two types of workshops, one type focuses on personal leadership and the other on organizational leadership.

Although the three campuses do their best to offer relevant activities and encourage the student body to be involved in campus events, Johnson noted one of the challenges all the campuses face is participation.

“We post things through social media and try to get as many students involved, but there are a few challenges with timings, such as class conflict or the convenience for students,” she said.

Student Jacob Rodriguez said he enjoys participating in campus happenings when he can, but often he is not able to take advantage of the offered activities for similar reasons.

“I hear and see sometimes about the events going on, but sometimes it is hard for me to come because either I work, or I’m just not able to,” he said.

Meanwhile, De La Rosa said she and her colleagues at Student Engagement and Activities “are excited to get this started and hope students learn new skills to implement in their lives.” She added, “We encourage students to take advantage of them.”

Finding your Inner Superhero will take place from 1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Oct. 9 on the Central Campus in Room 202 of the Student Center (C14) and at noon on the North Campus in Room 108 of the Welcome Center (N6). Leadership 101 will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 17 on the South Campus in Room 152 of the Welcome Center (S6). Further information is available at www.sanjac.edu/engage.