Cosplay Creations Take Center Stage at North Gallery


Courtesy of Twee Nee Cosplay

Cosplay: From Concept to Convention will be on display in the Grant Fine Arts Center until Oct. 21.

San Jacinto College North Campus opened the Fall semester with an innovative group exhibition that highlights art in a unique and crafty way: a cosplay show. Cosplay: From Concept to Convention kicked off Sept. 29 with a reception hosting the five featured artists.

North Gallery Director, Joe Clark, said the inspiration for this event came from two San Jac alumni heavily involved with cosplay.

“One makes costumes, and the other is a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of cosplayers and cosplay conventions,” Clark said. “I asked them to curate a show that would showcase their art and the art of other veteran cosplayers.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term cosplay comes from “costume play” and refers to a type of roleplay where participants dress up and pretend to be fictional characters from anime cartoons, manga and other comics, movies, television shows, or video games.

Former San Jac student and cosplay enthusiast, Angela Vazquez, explained the reasons she enjoys impersonating fictional characters.

“I choose to cosplay because not only do I love to imitate my favorite Pokemon, a shiny Umbreon,” she said, “but also because I believe that those who do cosplay are able to express themselves.”

The exhibition features progress photos, preliminary sketches, and the artists’ final costumes displayed on mannequins.

“There’s an art and design angle that spotlights the entire process of creating costumes and accessories from scratch,” Clark said. “The show really focuses on the process of making those things.”

Participating artists include Cinder Cosplay, Dedlocke Fyre, Carl Martin of Shinka Studios, Su-Wan of Su & Dom Cosplay, and Twee Nee Cosplay.

Meanwhile, the exhibition further emphasizes that cosplay, once a little-known and often misunderstood activity, has grown into a pastime that boasts a community of like-minded aficionados.

“I’ve met so many amazing people that share the same interests as I do,” Vasquez said, “and for that reason, I am no longer afraid of sharing my interests with people.”

Cosplay: From Concept to Convention will be on display until Oct. 21 at the North Gallery in the Grant Fine Arts Center (N1) on the North Campus. There is no charge for admission.