The Assessors Exhibition Displays SJC Faculty and Staff Artwork


Fernanda Varela/San Jacinto Times

Central Campus Art and Humanities Chair Todd Allison’s painting ‘Hoisting the Bounty’ is one of the pieces featured on the South campus until May 5.

San Jacinto College South Campus welcomed The Assessors exhibition April 4 to showcase the work of Art and Design faculty and staff members from all three of the College’s campuses.

Gallery intern, Taylor Smith, said faculty shows give students a chance to view their instructors’ artwork in a gallery setting, an opportunity usually unavailable inside the classroom.

“This means a student may never know exactly what kind of work their professor makes or the kind of chops they might have,” he said.

Some of Smith’s favorite pieces include a portrait of President Obama, colorful geometric work, and old process photographs.

“Each one is very different, which is a recurring theme for the show and one of my favorite aspects of it,” he said.

Faculty member Mary Smith exhibited black and white photographs shot on 35mm film featuring “candid shots” that capture moments in time. The photographer noted they depict “a Sunday afternoon in downtown, a moment between friends, and a spontaneous portrait.”

“There are always challenges trying to capture an element of spontaneity,” Mary Smith said.

Her long-time interest in photography recently led her to explore alternative processes, also known as “historical” photographs that are non-silver process prints. “I am especially proud of [my] Albumen prints,” she said, noting it is a process that takes a lot of time and patience to achieve.

Meanwhile, student Tyler Bates attended the opening reception April 8 and said he was extremely impressed by the work of his professors.

“It’s really neat to be able to see some of my favorite instructors’ artwork in a way I have never seen before,” Bates said. “It’s really inspiring, honestly.”

“The event is a chance to see the variety of work from the talented members of all three programs,” Mary Smith said. She added, “I hope the viewer can relate to the moment or feeling I have tried to capture in each shot.”

The Assessors will run until May 5 in the art gallery of the Flickinger Fine Arts Center (S15) on the South campus. The gallery is open to the public, and there is no charge for admission.