Number of Anime Enthusiasts Growing at San Jac

San Jacinto College North Campus is the home to many clubs and organizations that accommodate the interests of a diverse student body. In recent years, the popularity of anime grew to the point where North and South campus initiated student clubs for enthusiasts of the Japanese art form.

Tyree Phillips, president of the Anime Club on the North campus defined the genre as “Japanese animations or cartoons.” However, he notes, anime is very different from Disney-type animation. “Many think that it is childish or silly, but behind every anime, there is a deep message,” he said. “The anime club is a place where students can relax, meet up with friends in between classes, and where they can feel free to express their ideas with others who share similar interests.”

The club’s faculty adviser, Dr. Andrew Chau, said members get together for weekly meetings where they watch anime, in addition to planning the club’s schedule.

“As for other activities,” Chau said, “there was an anime club kiosk at the Spring Fling, and there is also usually one big trip each year to an anime convention.”

Likewise, Phillips said members are very active in school events and volunteer work.

“I’ve been impressed by the club’s self-sufficiency” Chau said. “I’m there to help, but the students do all the important work themselves.”

Meanwhile, as a result of anime’s increasing popularity, the club’s membership continues to grow. Phillips estimates between 15 to 20 students attend weekly meetings.

Regardless of their scheduled activities, Phillips said the club’s primary objective is providing anime enthusiasts a place to convene “without the fear of expressing themselves.” He added, “Everyone is kind and respectful of one another in order to achieve a common goal that we’ve made together.”

The Anime Club meets every Tuesday at 2 p.m. on the North campus in Room N-7.166. The final meeting of the semester is scheduled for May 3.