Spotlight Saturday Events Showcase Programs on Three Campuses

Individuals interested in enrolling in college for the first time are often gripped by fear of the unknown. In response, San Jacinto College started Spotlight Saturday, a twice-yearly event happening once during each of the regular semesters on all of the College’s three campuses.

The event offers prospective students information about campus programs, as well as guidance in planning their next steps in the enrollment process.

According to recruiter Alfredo Gomez, also the event coordinator, Spotlight Saturday is “basically an intentional open house.”

“It allows us to highlight specific programs and showcase particular departments so that the community and our guests can have a closer look at what these programs are for,” Gomez said.

In addition, he notes, the presentations are meant to be hands-on and visually compelling.

“For example, instead of having a table for welding,” Gomez said, “we asked the welding (faculty) to open their facility so that people can walk by and see what the class and learning environment is like.”

Although the event is still very new, Gomez said attendance at the first Spotlight Saturday was better than expected prompting the assumption that more will follow.

“As long as they continue to be successful, we will continue to host them,” he said, “We consider it to be successful if more than 100 people attend and at Central campus last fall, we had close to 200.”

According to Gomez, Spotlight Saturday will rotate between the three campuses each semester and will be open to the entire community.

“We welcome everyone,” he said, “Not only high school seniors or students, but we would like for parents, siblings, and everyone who is part of the college process, or is interested in college, to be a part of this experience and see for themselves what San Jac has to offer.”

Also, Gomez noted the showcase is set up to make guests feel more familiar with the programs because in many cases, potential students do not know how to articulate their uncertainties.

“Instead, if they are visually exposed to the college and the different programs, then it just might allow people to feel more comfortable and excited about asking questions,” he added.

Gomez said he hopes attendees enjoy a positive experience while visiting San Jac and most importantly, understand that there are many options to help make higher education an attainable objective.

“Many people have false myths about college and I hope to eliminate those myths that they have, and let them know that there are a number of resources for them,” he said. “College is not an impossible goal as many people think.”

The next Spotlight Saturday will take place April 30 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. inside the Science and Allied Health building (N17) on the North campus.