Orpheus Concert Set for End of April

The San Jacinto College Central Campus music department still has a packed schedule of events lined up for the rest of the semester including a concert featuring student composers presented by Orpheus on April 28.

Geneva Fort, the music department’s administrative assistant, said the concert is organized by Orpheus: SJCC Society of Composers, a student group whose members write original compositions and “enlist composers to perform random and unique modern-day music.”

Music professor and event director Joseph Schenck said the audience should expect “a variety of daring music that will explore the boundaries of music through various techniques in instrumentation and harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements …”

Furthermore, he explained, the event requires a notable effort and contribution from participants who see the process through from inspiration to performance.

“They must first compose the music; then rehearse and direct/conduct those rehearsals; then, organize the concert as a collective,” he said.

Meanwhile, Schenck notes that although Orpheus primarily encourages the creation of “new living music,” it also aims to support and showcase all the facets of the work produced by aspiring young composers. He added, “(It) is intended to promote the writing, rehearsing, directing and performing of our students.”

The ORPHEUS concert takes place April 28 at 7 p.m. in Corbin Hall of the Monte Blue Music Building (C5) on the Central campus. The event is open to the public, and there is no charge for admission.