Contemporary, Renaissance, Flamenco on tap for ‘An Evening of Guitar’

San Jacinto College Central Campus will showcase high school and college talent performing classical and flamenco repertoire during An Evening of Guitar, a studio recital taking place April 26. Playing alongside San Jac musicians will be the up and coming guitar program students of Milby High school.

Music professor and event director Jeremy Garcia organized the recital with the help of the music department’s administrative assistant, Geneva Fort. He said the concert is meant to help students improve their performance skills with music drawn from a wide range of composers, from the Renaissance to contemporary.

“This is a studio recital for many of my students that are working on developing a classical guitar repertoire,” Garcia said.

Furthermore, while the event’s lineup includes many music majors, Garcia noted that some participants are novice enthusiasts pursuing their interest in guitar.

“In addition to private lesson students, we will also feature the beginning class guitar students performing ensemble pieces that I arranged for them,” he said.

On top of his classes at San Jac, Garcia offers his time to a public school program that will participate in the recital sporting brand new instruments thanks to successful fundraising efforts.

“We will also be joined by Milby High school students, where I volunteer to help students in their guitar program,” Garcia said. “This year, we managed to raise money to buy the students new guitars.”

Meanwhile, Richard Songsart-Power, a San Jac guitar studio student performing a “lively dance piece” in the recital, said he has very high expectations for both the concert ensembles and featured soloists. He added, “(The audience) should expect beautiful music and an outstanding performance from the students here.”

An Evening of Guitar takes place April 26 at 7 p.m. in Corbin Hall of the Monte Blue Music Building (C5) on the Central campus. The event is open to the public, and there is no charge for admission.