Conference Takes Aim at Cultivating Leadership Skills

The Offices of Student Engagement and Activities from all three San Jacinto College campuses are coming together to host the Emerging Leaders Conference on April 15.

North campus Student Engagement Coordinator Erin K. Lewis said, “The conference is a free opportunity for students to gain more leadership knowledge.”

Furthermore, Lewis explained, leadership qualities are a complex set of skills often misunderstood by students. She noted, a leader is “someone who can lead and who can follow, and who is not a task master but works with others to get the job done.”

Amanda Rose, Student Engagement Coordinator on the Central campus said attendees will hear from keynote speakers and attend breakout sessions during the all-day conference.

According to Lewis, students were looking for opportunities to broaden their skill sets and enhance their resumes which led to the creation of the one-day event.

Moreover, Rose explained leadership development is a key component of the college experience and the conference encourages that objective while fostering student growth outside of the classroom.

In the breakout sessions, participants will learn from multiple speakers covering topics ranging from personal management and avoiding burnout, to maintaining motivation and using social media effectively.

Meanwhile, Rose stressed the importance of cultivating in-demand skills before entering the workforce to stay competitive in a tight job market.

“Employers, more and more,” she added, “are looking for candidates that are well rounded, not just top of their class in their academic field of study.”

The Emerging Leaders Conference takes place April 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Grand Hall Lobby of the Lee Davis Library (C21) on the Central campus. The event is free and open to all students, but space is limited. Students must pre-register online at