National Media Spotlights San Jac Student’s Generosity


Courtesy of Caring Heart Youth Foundation

Stefun Darts (right) attends an event commemorating Women’s History Month with Phalan Jones, the vice president of his charity, Caring Heart Youth Foundation. Darts made headlines after giving his grandparents $15,000 to pay off their home mortgage.

San Jacinto College student Stefun Darts gained national attention last month when he paid off his grandparents’ mortgage and sent them on a cruise to the Bahamas.

The 24-year-old, a graduate of Westfield High School, enrolled at San Jac last summer. His major is Applied Science.

Darts contributes frugality to helping him save up for the $15,000 gift but said it was something he planned on doing for a long time.

“Everyone was in shock including my grandparents,” Darts says. “They were just relieved that they didn’t have a mortgage anymore.”

He says his faith inspired his generous gesture, noting it was a “promise between me and God.”

“[It was] something that God told me to do in the second grade,” Darts says.

Furthermore, he explains he used different strategies to save money, but the most crucial were avoiding some of the pleasurable aspects of college life. “It’s okay not to party,” he says.

In his free time, Darts runs a charity foundation, attends school, and is writing a book.

“I also mentor throughout the Houston community schools when I do get free time,” he adds.

His charity, the Caring Heart Youth Foundation, focuses on helping at-risk children. During holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as the back-to-school season, he says the Foundation helps those in need by providing a special treat often outside their reach. He explains, “You know, something that you dreamed about as a kid.”

“Last year we took a kid that was in remission and took him on a Toys “R” Us shopping spree,” Darts says.

Meanwhile, Darts says his book is going to be about positivity and the laws of attraction, in addition to offering tips on how to save money by budgeting.

Regarding reaching an ambitious financial objective meant for a generous purpose, Dart warns, “A lot of action and planning comes with it.”

“If that’s your goal, to do something for your family, go for it,” he says. “But be prepared for the responsibility that comes with it.”

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