Exhibition Displays Imaginative 3D Sculptures


Fernanda Varela/San Jacinto Times

The work of (from left) Smita Karihaloo, Uyen Ngo, Maria Salczenko, Abner Baerga is part of a collaborative student showcase titled Imagination.

San Jacinto College South Campus is showcasing an imaginative installation of three-dimensional student projects in the atrium of the Flickinger Fine Arts Center.

Fourteen students from the Arts 2326 Sculpture I class worked together for five weeks to select either a theme, word or element and create individual sculptures. The students chose the word “imagination” as their concept and from there, followed a set of mandated parameters including the use a 38 in. x 19.5 in. box, and the incorporation of cardboard and lighting.

Participating artist Jeri Venegas said the theme “helped us think out of the box.” “(It) gave us the freedom to do what we wanted to and helped us break limitations on what we could do.”

On the other hand, artist Donna Karimian encountered several difficulties, mostly “engineering issues,” but said she was “happy with [her] rock-volcano-like creature.”

Venegas’s inspiration for her installation came from a “beastly feel” of “negative and sinister thoughts” that translated to the final piece of art.

“We all have our demons and hardships. It helps to overcome them by looking at them in a lighter, more playful view to remind yourself that things aren’t as bad as they seem,” Venegas said.

Meanwhile, contributing artist April Walliser said she hopes her work can incite a yearning for nature, perhaps evoking in audiences a “desire to take a walk in the woods and find places where they can soak in the beauty of nature and all its wonderful little details that we so often pass by without appreciating.”

Although multiple students contributed to the installation, the loose guidelines allowed each artist to create their individual interpretation of “imagination.”

Venegas added, “I think this exhibit just goes to show how diverse one word can be to 14 different people.”

Imagination will be on display until the end of the spring semester in the Flickinger Fine Arts Center (C5) on the South campus.