Percussion Virtuosos to Perform at Corbin Hall

San Jacinto College Central Campus will welcome two percussion virtuosos, Bob Becker and Yurika Kimura, as they showcase their percussion and mallet skills to the College community.

The performance was put together by Professor Michael Mizma and music department Chair Eric Late, along with the help of Administrative Assistant Geneva Fort.

Mizma, a music professor on the Central campus, said his primary intention in organizing the concert was “to give my students a better sense of what they can do [with music] out there in the real world.”

In 1971, Becker along with three of his close friends, Bill Cahn, Russell Hartenberger, and Garry Kvistad created Nexus Percussion, a traveling concert group that still performs together. According to the Nexus Percussion website, Becker was born in Allentown, Pa. and attended the Eastman School of Music, where he earned a master’s degree in performance and literature. Since graduating, he studied the music cultures of North and South India, Africa, and Indonesia and was involved in designing a line of musical instruments.

Kimura performs both as a concert marimbist and a xylophonist. However, her website states she started her music journey playing the piano when she was three years old, eventually performing at venues like the Eastman School of Music, Ithaca College, Oberlin College, and a showcase concert at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention.

The concert offers students, faculty and parents a chance to see Becker and Kimura, who appeared at many other colleges together perform together at San Jac for the first time. Also, attendees will see San Jac percussion students work alongside the guest artists.

Meanwhile, Mizma said he hopes watching established professionals will inspire students in a new way.

“I am so excited to have them witness Bob Becker’s mallet skills – he is truly percussion royalty…   Yurika is also a phenomenal player,” he said. “I also hope students can take away a renewed sense of dedication for the craft of playing percussion and performing music.”

Mizma said he would like students attending the show to appreciate the genuine artistry of the performers.

“In this day and age of ’hyped’ musical stars that, most of the time, do not have any true musical gift or talent, it is difficult for most people to look outside what the media and popular opinion says is good,” he said. “Well, this is beyond good. These artists are great!”

The Concert will take place March 8 at 7:00 p.m. in Corbin Hall of the Monte Blue Music Building (C5) on the Central campus.