Informational Session to Showcase VN Program


Photo Courtesy of Melissa Guy

Administrative assistants David Payton (left) and Laura Culp will help host prospective students during First Steps into Nursing March 4 on the South campus.

San Jacinto College South Campus will host an informational session called First Steps into Nursing March 4 to offer interested parties a preview of what it is like to be in the nursing program.

Senior Administrative Assistant for Vocational Nursing (VN) David Payton has been part of the program on the South campus for three years.

According to Payton, the VN program began at the South campus in 1980. The degree plan offers many resources for both students just beginning their studies, and those continuing their journey toward becoming a certified registered nurse (RN).

“Going this route gives you more hands-on training, more clinical and lab time, gets you into the industry faster and makes you a stronger RN because you have more training,” Payton said. He further noted the program helps mold students into some of the most prominent and exceptional nurses in a competitive field.

The purpose of the informational session, according to Payton, is to provide information about the VN program and encourage students to ask questions about the lengthy procedures necessary for matriculation.

“We cover all aspects of the requirements and the entirety of the application process,” Payton said. “We also show a clear picture of what to expect after acceptance into the program.”

He noted, the South campus is the only campus with mandatory informational sessions for VN applicants because they help students navigate a complicated list of prerequisite actions.

“You need quite a few immunizations, a healthcare provider CPR card, college ready-skill levels, etc.,” he said. “These things simply take time to get you ready to even apply.”

First Steps into Nursing will take place March 4 at 1:30 p.m. in Room S1.113 on the South campus.