Central Library Workshop Spotlights Plagiarism

Plagiarism can land students in major trouble, ranging from a bad grade to academic suspension, but the staff of San Jacinto College’s Lee Davis Library is offering to help students stay academically honest with a workshop March 9.

Reference librarian Rudy Silva is in charge of the Academic Honesty workshop, one of a series of presentations hosted by the Central campus library.

“It’s always useful for students to be aware of how easy it is to inadvertently plagiarize,” Silva said.

Likewise, fellow reference librarian Rosalind Alexander said she hopes to “give students who may have never heard of terms like ‘plagiarism’ or what it is, an opportunity to learn about it outside of class.”

Furthermore, Tracy Timmons, also a reference librarian, said the workshop is meant to make students aware of some of the common ways “charges of academic dishonesty can be leveled against them.”

Silva said students can avoid potential problems by familiarizing themselves with the College’s policies and educating themselves about plagiarism.

“This workshop will hopefully shed light on this topic, and help clear any questions students may have on what they can do to be academically honest,” he said.

In addition to Academic Honesty, Silva noted the library is hosting a workshop covering the use of Google’s tools. He added, “The library is constantly looking for ways to provide students and faculty with programs/activities that will help improve student success.”

Academic Honesty will take place March 9 at noon in Room C21.146 of the Lee Davis Library. It is open to all members of the San Jacinto College community at no charge. No registration is required.