Food Truck Craze Hits San Jac


Holly Galvan/San Jacinto Times

Students venture away from the vending machines and onto the parking lot of the South campus to taste a slew of new dining options available during evening classes. The Waffle Bus is one of several mobile eateries rotating between the San Jac campuses.

The days of enjoying a gourmet meal from a vending machine are gone for many San Jac students thanks to a variety of different food trucks rotating the San Jacinto College campuses. Food trucks are now on the South and North campuses, Monday thru Thursday, and will soon find their way to Central campus as well.

Right now, there are five different food trucks visiting the campuses, but there are plans to add other vendors in the future. The mixture of foods ranges from something students could find at a fancy restaurant to other options they might eat after a night on the town. Student favorites include Cajun shrimp and crawfish poutine, buttermilk fried chicken and waffles, and lobster quesadilla.

Hilda Boyce, the Director of Auxiliary Services, said the food trucks were made possible through a partnership with Auxiliary Services and the South Campus Evening Division (SCED). The SCED performed a survey identifying food truck as a viable meal option for evening students.

“We encourage everyone to come by and try out the food truck,” Boyce said. “It’s a great opportunity to purchase some great food and support the College.”

The participating food trucks were featured on several food blogs and cooking programs. The Cooking Channel showcased The Waffle Bus on Eat St., while popular food blogs Eater Houston and Thrillist spotlighted D-Lish Curbside Bistro. In 2012, Cousins Maine Lobster appeared on the primetime television show “Shark Tank.”

South Campus student Vanessa Medina could be seen enjoying her customized order of chicken and waffles from The Waffle Bus, adding she would recommend the food truck fare to other students.

“Usually, it comes as a sandwich with a certain dressing on it, and I’m a bit picky, so I got it on the side. It was excellent, especially the chicken,” Medina said.

Fellow student Ryan Spencer ordered a grilled Angus beef slider from Curbside Sliderz noting dining options near the South campus are minimal during the evening hours.

“These food trucks are some of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I lived in Austin where they are on every corner. My meal was served hot, fresh and tasty. You can’t get better than that,” Spencer said.

Long gone are the days of students scrounging for change to buy a Twinkie dinner from the vending machines. With so many new culinary options available, it’s almost a better idea to come to class hungry.