Voters Approve $425 Mil Bond for San Jac


Photo Credit: Micheal Deats

All three SJC campuses received new science facilities as part of a 2008 proposal. This 2012 photo shows Central’s newly completed building as the old Vincent C. Henrich structure comes down to make way for new projects.

Voters in the San Jacinto College District approved a $425 million bond Nov. 3, the first bond passed since 2008.

Known as San Jac Tomorrow, the funds will be used to “build, renovate, and repurpose facilities,” according to the proposal brought forth by San Jac.

“Over the next few months, we have a lot of ground work to do on the 2015 bond,” San Jac Chancellor Brenda Hellyer said in a released statement. “This work includes meeting with financial advisors and bond counsel, preparing requests for proposals for consultants, and developing our overall construction strategy.”

As of press time, the results were not officially accepted but based on counted votes, 68 percent were in favor of the bond’s approval.

“We will receive the official results from Harris County on Nov. 12, and the Board of Trustees will act at that time to officially accept the results,” Hellyer said. “This action by the Board is an important formality, but as of today, we can count the election as a tremendous success for our entire college community!”