Piano Performance at Central Concludes With Standing Ovation


Bianca Salazar/San Jacinto Times

Pianist Steven Termini stops for a photo before greeting concert-goers at Jan Corbin Recital Hall.

As the lights dimmed, the audience warmly welcomed accomplished pianist Steven Termini as he walked out on stage Oct. 23 at San Jacinto College Central Campus. He greeted the crowd with a smile and a bow before he sat in front of the piano and positioned his fingers on the keys. With no sheet music to guide him, the first few notes flowed out, and the Jan Corbin Recital Hall suddenly filled with enormous sound.

Termini’s interest in the piano began at a young age because of his mother’s love for the instrument. She bought his sister toy pianos to play with, but he played with them too. According to the pianist, he was fascinated with “trying to figure out how to play songs I heard by ear.” Similarly, the concert’s promotional poster states, “his uncommon range of musical talent was recognized from a young age.”

His first music teacher was an improviser, and Termini himself is now known in the music field for his ability to improvise his performances. “I am very grateful for that,” Termini noted.

After experimenting and enhancing his skills, he began composing his own music. In turn, he garnered numerous accolades throughout his career. He earned Second Prize in the Boston Conservatory’s National Competition for Young Composers, a critically acclaimed solo concert at the age of 21, and Second Prize in the Continuum Ensemble’s Inaugural Competition for Improvisers, among many other accomplishments.

Termini’s performance at Corbin Hall featured a variety of classical and jazz sounds with a mixture of slow tempo notes and faster-paced rhythms. At the end of his performance, he was met with a roaring round of applause and a standing ovation from the audience.

San Jac student Selena Ortiz was in attendance and said she felt the show was “intense” and could feel “the passion behind it.”

Likewise, Frank Gomez, a Central campus music student and a member of the Orpheus Ensemble, raved about Termini’s “clean performance.” He credited the pianist with showing “versatility” and being “technically mature.”

Termini said the advice he would give young music students is “you have to be self-motivated.” He noted hard work and perseverance as the qualities artists must possess to be successful in the music field.

“When the practice rooms are not full, you have to say ‘Well, I’m going to go fill one of those,’” he said, “… and not kind of just be waiting for people to give you inspiration.”

As for his future, Termini said he “would love to be a recording artist” and would like to have a more consistent presence in Europe, with ECM as his label, where he could work with “like-minded musicians.” Termini added, “I’d feel like I’d be getting inspiration from them and hopefully giving inspiration to them.”