South’s Spring Show to Present ‘Kaleidoscope’ of Dance Styles


Photo Credit: Diane Bedford

Sophomore Tuesday Boswell gives a solo performance during the 2013 concert.

The San Jacinto College South Campus dance department will host their spring performance, entitled Kaleidoscope, May 1 and 2.

Dance professor Jamie Williams explained the structure of the show’s choreography.

“Most of the dance works being presented have been choreographed by dance faculty members,” Williams said, “but we are proud to present two student works this year, and two guest artist works from the faculty at Lamar University.”

Moreover, the concert features a wide variety of dance genres, as well as two numbers previously performed at a national festival.

“We are excited to present our two dance works that represented our program at American College Dance Festival,” Williams said. “We are also thrilled to be able to showcase some different styles of dance this semester like Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, and Hula.”

Meanwhile, adjunct dance professor Brit Thetford said the concert showcases three pieces: “Now I lay me,” “Oxy|Gin,” and “& away we went.”

According to Thetford, the solo number, “Now I lay me,” is performed by Jamie Williams, and peeks into her life while articulating her inability to find peace.

“The night is filled with things that keep her awake, and this solo is a glimpse into what holds her from having true rest,” Thetford said.

Similarly, the duet “Oxy|Gin” explores the human need to rise to a challenge and instrument change regardless of the consequences.

“This choreographic work,” she said, “will attest to the human condition of wishing to be a hero and the ability to take on agony headfirst.”

Furthermore, “& away we went,” choreographed by dance students Tuesday Boswell and Bethany Garcia, depicts the passionate relationship between individuals.

“This choreographic work epitomizes the emotional episodes of an emotional journey of two people,” Thetford said.

According to Williams, the major difference between this concert and the one from the previous semester is in the fall, the dancers were new and unfamiliar with each other.

“This semester, we have several returning performers who have really blossomed as they have had more experiences in dance,” Williams said.

However, among the many dances featured in the lineup, Williams said she is partial to one piece because it includes all of the dancers.

“My favorite work in this concert is ‘Aloha Kakou’ which is a hula piece,” Williams said. “I love this work because the entire company performs in this dance, making it a very grand spectacle.”

Although hula is not a genre familiar to the dancers, she added, they were able to grasp it and honor the style.

“The dancers have worked very hard to learn and perfect a style of dance,” she said, “that they are not accustomed to, and I think that they will do a great job of presenting hula in its natural beauty.”

Ultimately, Williams said she hopes the artistic pieces move the audience and “they are entertained by our crowd-pleasing works.”

Meanwhile, the concert offers student dancers the opportunity to showcase their craft to the community.

“These dancers,” Thetford said, “have been given a wonderful platform to share their courage and passion.”

 Performances for Kaleidoscope begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Marie Spence Flickinger Fine Arts building on South campus. General admission is $10 and $5 with a student ID.