Central Campus to Host ORPHEUS – SJCC Society of Composer’s Concert

San Jacinto College Central Campus will host the Orpheus – SJCC Society of Composers concert April 23 promising a performance packed with versatile content different from years past.

Honors Professor of Music Composition, and director of Orpheus, Joseph Schenck said the audience should expect to hear a variety chamber music and a range of instruments showcasing “… new, original works by student composers, played by their fellow classmates.”

Furthermore, Schenck added the concert will feature solo pieces and chamber works that in addition to entertainment, provide a valuable educational opportunity.

“Students will be able to hear and see young composers searching for their ‘own voice’ in music and their potential,” Schenck said.
Although Central campus hosts the ORPHEUS – SJCC Society of Composer’s concert regularly, Schenck said each event offers a unique experience every time.

“We do this event every semester; sometimes twice a semester. Each semester the concert is different and new, as the works are always new compositions,” Schenck said.

In addition, Scheck said he follows a rigid checklist for selecting pieces presented at the concert.

“The works must meet a composition deadline and a ‘rehearsal deadline’; I must hear the work rehearsed two weeks before the concert,” Schenck said. “If it’s not ready, it will not be on the concert. Each student is allowed one work on the program. Occasionally, a composer may have two works.”

Moreover, Schenck said he looks forward to the composers’ feedback, as well as their reactions to hearing and seeing their new works performed live for the first time.

As the director, Schenck has to stay inspired to renew the concerts and make sure each one is different from the others. His inspiration, he states, is “Simple! Hearing new music come to life.”

Likewise, Schenck said the ingredients for a successful concert are basic – compositions, performance, stage changes and, he added, “a good crowd.”

The Orpheus – SJCC Society of Composers concert will take place on Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. in Corbin Hall at the Monte Blue Music Building on Central campus.