Beach Day Serves Up Surf, Sun, Plus a Whole ‘Lotta Fun


Photo courtesy of Oscar Armenta

San Jac Football team participants pose for a photo during last year’s event in Galveston. From left: Jonathan Martinez, Greg Brotzman, Evan Christopherson, Jorge Vallitera, Huynh Vo, Johnny Vo, Dalton Boyd.

San Jacinto College’s Rec Sports departments will once again compete in one of the largest intercollegiate sporting events at Stewart Beach on Galveston Island April 17 as part of the Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Conference (GCIC) Beach Day.

According to the organization’s website, GCIC is bringing together 14 campuses for an athletic event meant to enhance students’ academic experience. This year’s Beach Day will feature sand flag football, sand soccer, volleyball, and a golf tournament at Moody Gardens.

Central campus’s Director of Campus Recreation, Butch Sutton, said Beach Day takes place outdoors on Galveston Bay, regardless of the weather, and gives students the chance to have fun in the sun without worrying about outside stresses.

“Students need an outlet for physical, emotional, and mental strain,” Sutton said. “Beach Day gives students the opportunity to meet new people and blow off steam.”

Although the events are competitive, Sutton said Beach Day pulls students away from the one-track objective of winning, and allows them to let loose and play sports for the simple fun of it.

“When Sports Day is hosted on campus, it seems to display a more formal gathering, but when these events are put on the beach, students can relax and mingle with their peers,” Sutton said.

Meanwhile, Central campus Rec Sports Assistant, Mary Shelley, added the event offers students from different college campuses a way to come together and participate in sports they love.

“While participating in the Beach Day, students will be provided with food, drinks, and paid officials to referee their game,” Shelley said.

Fifteen to 16 students will represent Central campus, along with others from North and South campuses. In addition to collegians, directors, officials, and volunteers will generate an estimated 250 to 300-participant turnout, Shelley said.

Furthermore, Rec Sports Student Assistant Hannah Hoffman added, Beach Day is a great way to build camaraderie and friendships between other college students.

“Students share the common goal of wanting to have a fun day at the beach,” Hoffman said. “They simultaneously work together to achieve it while enjoying their day in the sun.”

Beach Day will begin at 10 a.m. on Stewart Beach in Galveston. Further information is available on Rec Sport’s website,