Central’s Chorale, LSU Share Collegiate Singing Spotlight


Photo courtesy of Brian Ritter

Members of the San Jacinto College Central Chorale perform before students from Louisiana State University take stage on March 10. Including (from left) Linda Caldera, Carlee Harrigan, John Moran, Brent Regier, Andy Young, Jonathan Murphy, and Canyon Headrick.

The San Jacinto College Central and Louisiana State University (LSU) Choirs came together March 10 at the Monte Blue Music building on Central campus to put on a joint performance where both colleges showcased their musical talents.

Central campus Music Professor and Choir Director Paul Busselberg said the concert offered San Jac students a unique opportunity to participate in a collaborative event with an accomplished group.

“Hearing the LSU choir perform was very inspiriting for the musical variety of their selections, their advanced musicianship and vocal production, and the finely polished presentation of their program,” Busselberg said.

However, he noted, the event served an objective broader than bringing two college choirs together.

“The biggest goal in Tuesday’s concert was to introduce our students to LSU and give them the opportunity to see what continuing studies in music can be like at a four-year school,” Busselberg said.

Meanwhile, Administrative Assistant of First Year Experience and choir performer Emmanuel Quiroz said he enjoyed the insight he gained from participating in the event.

“My favorite part about the concert was absolutely everything,” Quiroz said. “It is so incredible that San Jacinto College and LSU got to perform for each other, and just the experience of having a school with an amazing music program come and show us a little bit of the things they have to offer.”

He also said he found the collaboration emotionally uplifting.

“What I learned from today’s concert is that music unites people, that music evolves an emotion that doesn’t compare to anything else,” Quiroz said.

Furthermore, he added, the performance offered a unique opportunity for young San Jac students to work with an experienced and noted choir under the careful guidance of Dr. Busselberg.

“Although we are a smaller group of freshmen and sophomores, we are still a group of very talented singers,” Quiroz said.

In addition, Dr. Busselberg said he encourages his students to do their best, not only in music, but to fulfill their academic objectives as well.

“One of my biggest goals for our students is to see them complete their studies at San Jac and then transfer successfully to a four-year college to earn a Bachelor’s degree,” Busselberg said.

“Consequently, we work hard to make connections with the four-year colleges and universities in our region that might make good transfer options for our students.”

Likewise, he added, the event offered students an opportunity to gain live performance experience, along with the motivation to set high goals for the future.

“Our San Jac students were thrilled to hear the LSU students perform and to hear the level of advanced musicianship in their performance; and I think they are inspired to work hard to achieve a successful transfer to such a school.

Overall, Busselberg said the collaboration was a positive experience for both institutions and will prove beneficial in the long term.

“I also believe that LSU was pleased to have the encounter with our students, to hear us perform, and see the fine quality that San Jac is producing in our music department,” Busselberg said. I believe that they will look favorably on our future transfer students, as a result.”