National Tour Raises Awareness for Distracted Driving, Alcohol Before Spring Break

San Jacinto College Central Campus will present Save A Life Tour, a nationally touring program aimed at raising awareness of impaired and distracted driving, March 9 in the student center.

The Office of Student Life is hosting the tour, which educates students on the potential hazards of irresponsible driving behavior. The program offers an interactive approach, which integrates tragic videos featuring personal stories of devastating loss, along with a driving and drinking simulation experience.

Amanda Rose, the Coordinator of Student Life on Central campus, said she hopes the event will cause students to become more mindful of risky distractions while behind the wheel.

“The Save A Life Tour is important because it is an awareness event that will allow students to learn about the dangers of texting and driving; as well as drinking and driving,” Rose said.

Furthermore, she stated that the event offers an interactive simulator that lets individuals experience, first-hand, the effects of impaired or distracted driving.

Similarly, Rose said the College works to educate students on many different topics and as the mid-semester break approaches, alcohol awareness is a critical safety concern.

“With Spring Break within a week of this event,” she said, “we hope this experience will serve as a reminder for our students to make smart choices during their break.”

Additionally, Student Life Administrative Assistant Christopher Gates said he hopes raising awareness will educate students on the possible risks involved with excessive beer, wine, and liquor consumption.

“Student Life strives for student success and student safety. We are just making information, about a dangerous situation, available; so that when students get faced with the situation, they know how to appropriately handle it,” he said.

Meanwhile, San Jac student Juan Cervantes said he believes the event is extremely useful and necessary. Likewise, he added, it will offer great insight about the dangers of alcohol and its effects on judgment and motor skills

“Student life events, such as Save A Life Tour, are important to attend,” Cervantes said, “because they spread important information relevant to college students’ lives.”

Save A Life Tour will be held March 9 at 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on the first floor of the student center (C4.14).