Gator Basketball On Tap To Take Tyler Tournament


Rob Vanya/San Jacinto College Marketing, Public Relations, and Government Affairs Department

Head Coach Brenita Jackson (facing) addresses the women’s basketball team on the sidelines of North campus’s Nichols Gymnasium.

San Jacinto College Women’s Basketball is competing in the Region XIV Tournament beginning March 4 in Tyler, Texas.

According to assistant coach, Adonna Weaver, the Region XIV Tournament series features the top eight teams in the conference, and the winner earns the Conference Championship title.

Head coach, Brenita Jackson, said she came to San Jacinto College last season with the full intention of creating a winning team.

“Last year was the beginning stage of creating a new culture for Women’s Basketball,” Jackson said. “We laid a good foundation of developing accountability, academically, and discipline on the court as a team.”

Furthermore, Jackson said the biggest change this season is the connection that developed between her and this year’s team.

“Every one of my players that is on the team right now has bought into the vision that I had for the program…our community has bought in, and we have seen attendance numbers increase tremendously,” Jackson added.

Meanwhile, Weaver said she focuses on each game performance so the team can improve and be better prepared for the caliber of regional tournament play.

“We take away learning points from each game,” Weaver said. “We discuss and practice our strengths and weaknesses.”

Likewise, Jackson said she combines her previous experience coaching at Lon Morris College, with the team’s mentality this season, to create wins “one game at a time.”

“We don’t like to look too far ahead because you can’t control that,” Jackson said. “All we can control and focus on is right now. Our mentality will not change once we get to the regional tournament.”

However, Weaver adds, with this competition, like every game during the regular season, the goal is to win it all and come out on top.

“My hope for this year’s regional tournament, is to be the last team standing,” Weaver said.

Although, the team is enjoying strong community support, as well as high rankings and wins, Jackson said she hopes they remain “humble and focused.”

“Work hard now,” Jackson added. “Play together now, and the wins will come if we commit to that.”

The Region XIV Tournament is taking place March 4 through 7 at the Louise Herrington Patriot Center in Tyler, Texas.