Area Colleges To Participate In GCIC Sports Day


Photo Courtesy of Oscar Armenta

Last year’s football team poses for a group picture. Front (from left): Ean Christopherson, Evan Christopherson, Alec Williams. Back (from left): Dalton Boyd, Travis Hinkel, Greg Brotzman, Johnathan Martinez, AJ Reyna.

San Jacinto College Central Campus will host one of the largest community college sporting events Feb.26 as part of the Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Conference (GCIC) Sports Day.

According to the organization’s website, GCIC is bringing together nine community colleges for an athletic event meant to enhance students’ academic experience. This year’s Sports Day, coordinated by Campus Rec, will feature flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, pool, table tennis, and golf.

Campus Rec Director Butch Sutton said participants are students with “varying levels of ability” from all three San Jac campuses.

“These few select students have earned their spot to represent San Jacinto College because of their character, sportsmanship, and dependability when participating in Rec Sports,” Sutton said.

Though the event is competitive in nature, Sutton said it is also a channel for expression and an opportunity for comradery.

“Students need an outlet for physical, emotional, and mental stress; a social venue where they can mingle with others with similar interest,” Sutton said. “There are no trophies or ribbons to be had; it’s for fun friendly competition”.

Meanwhile, Campus Rec Assistant Mary Shelley added, the event offers students from different colleges a way to come together and participate in sports they love.

“Most people assume there will be first place, second place, and third place, and you’re going to win, win, win, but that isn’t the goal of Sports Day,” Shelley said.

The number of participates involved in Sports Day including teams, directors, officials, volunteers, is an estimated 250-300 people, not including families or fans that come out to view and support the participants, Shelley said.

Sports Day will begin at 10 a.m. on Central Campus. Further information is available on Campus Rec’s website