Exhibition Showcases 85-Year-Old San Jac Student, UH Artists


Priscila Castillo/San Jacinto Times

Natalia Herrera’s untitled screen print was featured in the Central Campus Gallery until Feb. 20.

The Art and Design program at San Jacinto College Central Campus presented an exhibit entitled “Gravy Boats & Prints” which featured ceramics, etchings, prints, and lithographs. The exhibition hosted in the art gallery until Feb. 20, mostly showcased the work of students from the University of Houston Main Campus.

According to the gallery’s student assistant manager Yazmin Zuniga, a freshman interior design student, in addition to U of H students, the show featured the ceramic gravy boats of San Jac student Joyce V. Brown. The exhibit showcased Brown’s work that she produced in her classes during the last fourteen years. Brown started attending San Jac in 1985 but remained intermittently for the next three decades.

“I just stayed on. Because it was good for me, and I had several illnesses, and I used that (the classes) as therapy,” Brown said. “I really enjoy the art and the painting, and ceramics… Since I retired, I wanted to get back into the community.”

Now eighty-five years old, Brown has been continuously enrolled in the art department for the last fourteen years.
Meanwhile, art professor and exhibit curator Michael Unger said the show offers students a chance to grow artistically.

“This is a good opportunity to enhance their artwork and to have different reactions on how their work looks,” Unger said.

Similar to Brown’s perspective, as an artist himself, Unger said he also finds working on his art therapeutic.

“Art is important to me,” Unger said, “because it helped me through a lot of personal situations.”