South Brings Cultural Talents To Light

San Jacinto College South Campus students and community members will come together Feb. 24 to showcase African American culture during a talent show commemorating Black History Month.

In addition to many student acts, the “Cultural Extravaganza” will also feature community members such as a local church group.

Alexis Alexander, second-year member of San Jacinto College’s Black History Month Committee and Shared Educational Planner at South Campus, said attendees are in for a treat.

“It’s going to be a diverse program. We have singers, we have steppers, we have rappers, we have a little bit of everything,” Alexander said.

Furthermore, Alexander said one of the most important ways to honor Black History Month is to integrate cultural awareness into all aspects of the community, and that includes San Jac.

“A community is not so much where you live; it’s just a collection of people. In a city as diverse as Houston,” Alexander said, “it’s important to recognize and appreciate the culture with people from all walks of life at different points.”

Alexander indicated her views were the reason she took on the responsibility of organizing the upcoming talent show as part of South campus’s Black History Month schedule.

“I love how this particular event gets the community involved, and I wanted the students to feel a part of Black History Month events as a whole,” Alexander said.

Meanwhile, in an effort to build community interest both this year and last, she relied on an advertising company called Event Brite which offers the public the opportunity to register for a “free ticket” online, although the event is open to the public at no cost.

Alexander said she was surprised by how many people showed up to the 2014 performance, which included a fashion show in addition to the talent portion.

“I had set the maximum at 100 tickets, and about five minutes before the show started all 100 were sold out,” Alexander said of last year’s Event Brite registration. “The interest is there.”

The Cultural Extravaganza will take place Feb 24 at the J. D. Bruce Student Center of South campus between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.