Central Ends Black History Month With Final Commemoration

San Jacinto College Central Campus will host “Celebrating a Century of Black Life History and Culture” Feb. 25 in the Library Grand Hall as the finale to a series of events paying tribute to Black History Month.

The roundtable presentation will conclude the schedule of events on Central campus, which were organized by the Council of Diversity and Inclusivity.

Yvonne Frear, Department Chair of Behavioral Science, is responsible for coordinating this event along with nursing department chair Dr. Veronica Jammer. Frear took over the responsibility for organizing Black History Month events at Central campus in 2012.

The closing presentation, Frear said, features a speaker who will “highlight issues of equality, opportunity, and democracy, in STEM and other academic areas.”

According to Frear, the presentation is oriented towards the San Jac community and aims to create a “contemporary connection to the historical experiences of African Americans years ago, and right here at this campus.”

Frear said the broad array of events offered by the College, including the finale, will lead those in attendance to recognize “… that their vote will elevate their voice, and give rise to victory. … It happened then and can happen now. “

Meanwhile, second-year San Jac student Jose E. Tamayo, who attended Black History Month tributes in the past, said he believes they offer an important opportunity for students to find out more about history.

“I highly think peers could learn a good lot if they attend one of these events,” Tamayo said. “We all can learn a new thing or two every day.”

Furthermore, Tamayo said ethnicity and nationality should not be a factor in deciding whether to attend the commemorative events because they are meant for all students attending the College.

“I think it’s important for peers to come.” Tamayo added. “After all, we all contribute to the wellness of this country no matter the race.”

“Celebrating a Century of Black life History and Culture” will be held Feb. 25 in the Library Grand Hall of Lee Davis Library on Central campus at 10:15 a.m.