SJCC Chorale to Croon at Candlelight and Carols Gala


Courtesy of SJCC Steel Band/Social Media

The SJCC Steel Drum Band will provide part of the entertainment for the Music and Audio Engineering Department’s scholarship fundraiser.

The sound of beautiful music and the smell of a delicious holiday dinner fill the air while the spirit of giving lingers like the crisp winter.

The second annual Candlelight and Carols Gala, a scholarship fundraiser for San Jacinto College Central Campus Music and Audio Engineering students, will boast a dinner and musical program in the ballroom of the Student Center on Central campus Dec. 6.

Audio Engineering professor Angela Beyer said the evening will feature hors d’oeuvres and a catered meal accompanied by entertainment from the SJCC Steel Drum Band.

“During the dinner service there will be performances by students, faculty and alumni, followed by a really breathtaking finale featuring the SJCC Chorale,” Beyer said.

In addition to garnering funding for students, Beyer said the event gives performers a chance to demonstrate the skills they acquire through the programs.

“It’s a great opportunity to raise money for scholarships, but it also shows off the talented students, faculty and alumni of the Music and Audio Engineering Department,” she said.

According to Beyer, the objective is to have fun, enjoy music, and ultimately to raise enough money to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of incoming students.

“The overall goal is to achieve endowed status for as many of our scholarship funds as possible,” Beyer said. “Once a scholarship reaches endowment, it will last in perpetuity and will be able to benefit students for generations to come, without needing to be replenished every time a scholarship is granted.”

Moreover, Beyer explained attendees are able to appreciate the hard work and talent displayed by the programs’ students.

“Our music and audio engineering department is on a level with major universities, which is something to be proud of,” she said.

Meanwhile, Beyer added, her favorite part of the event is the concert finale.

“I am also partial to the SJCC Steel Drum Band, who are opening the event,” Beyer said. “If you’ve never heard them play, that’s reason alone to attend.”

However, Beyer said, “The dinner, music, holiday atmosphere, and feelings of good will you will receive, are priceless.”

Hors d’oeuvres will be served in the ballroom foyer at 6:30 p.m. followed by dinner service at 7 p.m. Individual tickets cost $50 and are available in the Monte Blue Music Building on Central campus.